Rodeo is a traditional sport for the gauchos in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the south of Brazil. The rider must resist on a wild colt between 6 and 15 seconds, depending on the category. But more than an act of bravery, this is an aesthetic challenge: a jury scores the style, the way in which the gaucho moves the horse, the elegance of the horseman.

The riders in rodeos are usually rural laborers, who must ask their patrons for permission to go to the rodeo, paying all expenses from their own pockets.

Without any sponsors or agents, the gauchos ride for the honor, for the acknowledgement of their people and for keeping a popular and many times family tradition alive.

In countries where the land belongs to large estate owners, the gaucho’s rodeo is one of the main forms of entertainment of the laborers of the rural world.

In small ranches, every weekend, or in stadiums when it is a major event, people in the countryside gathers to enjoy the rodeo and see which gaucho will become the next hero.

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